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Ukraine and Turkey will share air radar track information

A delegation consisting of the Turkish Air Force Command and ASELSAN officials met with the Ukrainian Air Force delegation in Odesa, Ukraine on 19.11.2020.

According to the information obtained by SavunmaSanayiST.com, on 11.19.2020 the delegation of the Republic of Turkey composed of the Turkish Air Force and ASELSAN officials, visited Odesa, Ukraine. The Turkish delegation, which came together with the Ukrainian Air Force delegation within the scope of the visit, participated in the briefing on joint activities between November-December 2020.

As you will recall, Military Cooperation Framework Agreement that included military cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey was signed on October 16, 2020. Following the signed agreement, Turkish Air Force Commander General Hasan KÜÇÜKAKYÜZ and his delegation paid a visit to Ukraine on 4 November 2020.
As a result of all these events, on 19.11.2020 during the meeting on the NATO ASDE (Air Situation Data Exchange) program, the operation of air traffic data exchange system technical aspects, weather radar track information exchange data between the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey, and the possibility of a bilateral basis eventuation was discussed.

According to the information obtained, the parties agreed on the possible exchange of technical data for airspace monitoring of the exclusive economic zones. This especially allows Ukraine to evaluate the situation in its exclusive economic zone and to prevent possible threats from the Russian Federation.
The Republic of Turkey manages its airspace in two different ways; “NATO” and “National”. In this context, the data obtained from the radar systems declared to NATO are instantly transmitted to the NATO Joint Air Operations Center in Torrejon, Spain, by the Turkish Air Force Command Headquarters in Eskişehir. The radar trace transfer from Turkey to NATO, if desired, can be filtered by Turkey for various reasons.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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