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Fast Attack Craft (FAC-55)

FAC-55 is a monohull vessel designed to perform sea warfare and patrol on the open seas, under heavy sea and weather conditions, equipped with gas turbine propulsion system, conforming naval norms/standards and classification rules.

Design, Purpose and Capabilities 

FAC-55 has been mainly designed for the following tasks;

  • Acting as fast attack craft and participaing in selected offensive operations
  • Coastal and offshore patrolling & monitoring
  • Air and sea surveillance & control

FAC-55 has the following capabilities;

  • 55+ knots maximum speed
  • 1000 mil endurance at 20 knots economical speed
  • Operations up to sea state 5
  • Non-magnetic steel hull and superstructure
  • Reduced radar cross section (RCS)
  • Reduced infared signature (IR)
  • Reduced acoustic & magnetic signature

Technical Features

Main Dimensions
Length Overall: 62.67 meters
Length Waterline: 55.98 meters
Maximum Width: 9.84 meters
Draft: 1.68 meters
Displacement: 535 tons
Speed & Endurance
Maximum Speed: 55+ knots
Economical Speed: 18 knots
Endurance: 1000 nm at 20 knots speed
750 nm at 50 knots speed
Tank Capacity 
Fuel: 90 tons
Fresh Water: 8 tons
Power Generation: 3 x 200 kW diesel generators
Ship’s Boats 1 x RHIB

Sensors and Weapons

  • 3D Surveillance Radar/IFF
  • ARPA/LPI Navigation Radar
  • E/O Director
  • HF/VHF/UHF Communication Systems
  • 1 x STING Radar
  • 1 x 76 mm Gun
  • 2 x 12,7 mm STAMP
  • 1 x RAM
  • 8 x Harpoon Missiles
  • 2 x CHAFF Decoys

Main Propulsion

  • COGAG 28 MW
  • 3 x water jets


  • Comfortable accomodationfor 34 crew
  • Galley, dry provisions, freezing rooms, wardroom/mess hall, , office, CIC etc.
  • Lenght of stay at sea: 7 days

Growth Capabilities

  • Custom sensors and weapons
  • Higher Accommodation

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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