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Good news about MURAD AESA Radar from ASELSAN


The MURAD AESA Radar developed by ASELSAN was integrated into the AKINCI Armed UAV and an unnamed jet aircraft. Flying tests are expected to gain momentum in 2024.

Work continues on the MURAD AESA Radar, which has been under development for platforms such as AKINCI Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and F-16 for some time. The radar, which was developed with national facilities, was integrated into AKINCI UAV and an unnamed jet platform.

Following optimization studies, flight tests of the MURAD AESA Radar are expected to be rapidly in 2024. It is emphasized that the experience to be gained in this field is also critical for platforms such as KIZILELMA, KAAN, HÜRJET, and ANKA-3.

Currently, the number of countries that can develop AESA Nose Radar does not exceed the fingers of one hand.


According to open sources, the functions and capabilities of the National AESA Radar are as follows.


  • Long Range Search
  • Tracking While Searching
  • Multiple Target Tracking
  • Intermediate Stage Guidance
  • Weather Detection
  • Air Combat Manoeuvre


  • Strip SAR
  • Point SAR
  • Location Mapping
  • Moving Ground Target Detection and Tracking
  • Maritime Exploration and ISAR
  • Air-Ground Distance Measurement
  • Doppler Beam Sharpening
  • Automatic Altitude Determination


  • Multifunction Radar
  • Simultaneous Air-Air and Air-Ground Missions
  • Non-Collaborative Goal Setting
  • Automatic Target Recognition
  • Resistance to Stirring
  • Electronic Support
  • Electronic Attack

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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