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High-Tech Systems for Missile Platforms by Meteksan Defence

Missile technologies are rapidly improving and become more sophisticated and reliable with greater range, accuracy and capability. While missile companies are trying to develop more complex systems, state-of-art technologies are needed inside missile platforms to make them more effective in challenging environments.

Meteksan Defense is committed to developing unique low size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) military solutions while meeting the high reliability and high performance requirements of missile platforms with its investments and expertise.

The company design and produce mission specific high technology products that increase capabilities of Air-to-Air Missile (AAM), Air to Surface Missile (ASM), Surface to Air Missile (SAM) and Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM) platforms, including;

  • Weapon Data Link
  • Tactical Data Link
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Anti-Jamming GNSS
  • GNSS Receiver
  • GNSS Antenna
  • RF/ mmW Seeker
  • Telemetry Transmitter
  • Flight Termination System

With above innovative products, Meteksan Defence adds value by contributing next generation missile systems that lead to more operational superiority and capability in the battlefield.

Weapon Data Links

For improving the effectiveness of the missile systems, data links developed by Meteksan Defence provide permanent and highly secure communication between the controller platform and the missile by supporting execution of operator-controlled missions via target detection, engagement, target update and also transmission of missile telemetry data & real-time imagery to operators for battle damage assessment. Missile Data Link Solutions transmit video data generated by seeker camera to the user in near-real time and transmits the user commands such as target marking/locking and target update back to the missile. Our high technology solutions are optimized for high performance, low cost and custom needs of our customers using launcher and controller platforms in tactical area (air, land, sea).

Meteksan Defence Missile Data Link Solutions

Tactical Data Links

KEMENT Tactical Data Link, developed by Meteksan Defence, is a TDMA-based, secured (crypto), jam-resistant, high-speed digital communication system with relay capability for near-real time transmission of complex data sets. KEMENT TDL enables NEC (network-enabled capability) and NEW (Network Enabled Weapon) among Command Control (C2) Systems, land, sea and air platforms, ammunition (cruise missiles etc.), weapons and mission systems in the battlefield.

Radar Altimeters

With its miniature design and low power consumption features, Meteksan Defence Radar Altimeter Family provides an efficient workload planning opportunity in any missile platform. Radar Altimeters, which can measure precisely up to 2500/5000 feet altitude, provide sensitive data even on platforms with high speed and high manoeuvrability and working in operations such take-off/landing, low flight, and ground-referenced navigation on different earth structures, including offshore operations. Radar Altimeters with low output power, operation in a wide frequency band and low probability of Intercept (LPI) with power control mechanism which are automatically adjusted according to altitude, offers high availability with in-unit test features that operates during the opening, periodically on duty and depending on the operator’s request.

Anti-Jamming GNSS

Meteksan Defence develops and produces platform specific GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou) receiver systems with anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities, which can output precise position and velocity information. In order to suppress jamming signals, spatial filtering methods are utilized. Controlled radiation pattern are used for spatial filtering with respect to incoming signal direction and jamming signals are separated from GNSS signals. Depending on the number of antennas used in spatial filtering, more than one jamming signal can be nullified. It is possible to obtain the direction of the GNSS signals by using phased array antennas. By using this information, while powerful jamming signals are nullified by the anti-jamming system, GNSS spoof signals can also be filtered.

Meteksan Defence Anti-Jamming GNSS

GNSS Receiver

Meteksan Defence GNSS offers highly accurate and precise positioning GNSS technology to missile platforms. Meteksan Defence GNSS receiver solutions offer multi-constellation, multi-frequency tracking and features flexibility, low power consumption, field upgradeable software and data logging. The products are designed for harsh environments especially for missile platforms. Customers benefit from connectivity options for fast data transfer, as well as receiver configuration via standard and user-friendly interfaces. The GNSS receivers are designed for easy integration into multi-platforms.

GNSS Antenna

Meteksan Defence GNSS antennas have been designed to support high accuracy air, land and marine applications. High-performance multi-band GNSS antennas are built with weather-resistant materials to allow operation in the hardest environments. In that respect, you can maximize your GNSS receiver’s positioning performance with the optimal GPS or GNSS antenna for your application, which are manufactured in extensive range of single-band and multi-band GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) antennas with options in only L1 or L1/L2 frequency bands support.

RF/mmW Seeker

One of the key contributors to the missile accuracy, lethality and adverse weather capability is its seeker. The abilities we have gained in advanced and unique millimeter wave radar technologies since the foundation of our company, has made us to design and develop high-performance RF/mmW seekers according to the requirements of missile systems.

Telemetry Transmitter
Telemetry Transmitter


Telemetry Transmitter

TMV is an IRIG standard compatible Multi-Mode S-Band telemetry transmitter and primarily designed to operate in today’s critical airborne applications including missiles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), sounding rockets, target drones and space launch vehicles. Telemetry Transmitter is designed by Meteksan Defence as a rugged product that successfully operated on several flights and tested on harsh environmental conditions. As having the advantage of dual independent RF output and high reliability level, TMV is used to transmit critical data from various air vehicles to the ground station. It is solid-state, fully digital and highly reliable with the long operating life and programmable through a basic PC in terms of center frequency, RF output level, modulation type, data rate and many other features can be customized for special user operational needs

Flight Termination System

In today, flight termination systems spread between mission critic missile/air vehicles and provide the ability to end the vehicle’s flight in a controlled manner. Meteksan Defence developed the IRIG standard compatible Flight Termination Receiver that gets the signal from the ground station; processes and transfers to the vehicle as to terminate the flight, upon a termination decision. The Flight Termination Receiver operated on several flights and tested on harsh environmental conditions.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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