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T129 ATAK Multirole Combat Helicopter

The “T129 ATAK” Multirole Combat Helicopter has been optimized for specific hot&high performance requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. A tandem seat, twin-engine, NATO-interoperable attack helicopter optimized for attack, armed reconnaissance, precision strike and deep strike missions, at day and night all environments and regardless of weather conditions.

The T129 ATAK incorporates asymmetric weapon loading capability and enables the use of all weapons effectively according to mission requirements. For close combat support missions, a 20mm turreted gun with a capacity of 500 rounds and 70mm Classic Rockets with a capacity of 76 rockets have been integrated; whereas for multipurpose missions, 16 x CIRIT® 70mm Laser Guided Air-to-Ground Missiles, 8 x UMTAS® Long Range Anti-Tank Missiles and 8 x  STINGER® Air-to-Air Missiles are integrated, as well as the state of the art EW systems and EO systems.

The T129 ATAK cockpit provides situational awareness through good visibility arcs and integrated mission and communication systems. Aselflir-300T targeting sight system increases image quality and range performance with real-time image processing and multiple target tracking with a thermal camera, laser rangefinder, designator and spot tracker. AVCI®-Helmet Mounted Display System provides integrated display capabilities to crew for extensive mission.

Within the scope of the Turkish ATAK Program, a total of 91 (59 + 32 optional) T129 ATAK Helicopters will be delivered to Turkish Land Forces and 27 (24 + 3 optional) T129 ATAK Helicopters will be delivered to Ministry of Interior. More than 50 ATAK have been delivered so far.

Pakistan (30 units) and Philippines (8-10 units) also ordered T129 ATAK.


Length14.54 m47.70 ft
Height3.40 m11.20 ft
Width3.49 m11.45 ft
Crew2 Tandem2 Tandem
Main Rotor Diameter11.90 m39.00 ft
Fuel Tank756 kg945 lt
MTOW5065 kg11166 lbs
2 x Turboshaft Motor LHTEC-CTS800·4AT
Take-Off Power 2 x1024 kw / 2 x 1.373 shp
PERFORMANCE (@Avarage Mission Weight, ISA-Sea Level)
Max. Cruise Speed281 km/h152 kts
Hower Out of Ground Effect (HOGE)4221 m13850 ft
Hover In Ground Effect (HIGE)4572 m15000 ft
Rate of Climb13.26 m/sec2610 ft/min
Vertical Rate of Climb7.3 m/sec1430 ft/min
Service Ceiling4572 m15.000 ft
Range (Std. Tank)537 km290 nm
Endurance3 hrs3 hrs

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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