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SUNGUR Portable Air Defence Missile (MANPADS)

Developed within the scope of the Portable Air Defence System (PorSav) Project initiated by the Presidency Of The Republic Of Turkey Presidency Of Defence Industries (SSB), SUNGUR can be used by fixed platforms or the individual soldier.

The video of the first firing of SUNGUR MANPAD System was shared by the President of Presidency of Defence Industries, Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR on 1 July 2020. During the firing with the SUNGUR Missile and Missile Launching System deployed on the VURAN Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle (TTZA) manufactured by BMC Savunma, a fixed target of a certain height was successfully hit.

Developed by Roketsan with the experience gained from HİSAR and Stinger projects, SUNGUR, has 8 kilometers range, mobile shooting capability, day and night target detection, identification, identification, tracking and 360 degree shooting capability. SUNGUR, which is estimated to use Imager Infrared (IIR) Seeker Head, is considered as the fourth generation MANPADS due to its superior features.

The SUNGUR Missile will replace the US production FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS, which are greatly present in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory. Having superior technological features compared to FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS, SUNGUR will be actively used by pedestal-mounted systems and attack helicopters. Also thanks to SUNGUR will end foreign dependency of Turkey in this area and the Turkish Armed Forces’ needs will be met with national resources in this direction.

SUNGUR is located in the second part of the Layered Air Defence Network, that is, the “Low Altitude Air Defence Missile System (ADMS)”.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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