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Turkiye Attains National Torpedo Capability

AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo developed by Turkish defence giant Roketsan with national capabilities has entered the inventory of Turkish Navy Command.

According to the information obtained from the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) Roketsan delivered the first AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo to the Turkish Naval Forces Command in December. AKYA Training Torpedoes have put into service. AKYA War Torpedoes are expected to enter the inventory in a short time.

The first deliveries of the AKYA Torpedo were made in December. Roketsan, which started low-density mass production for AKYA, delivered the necessary consumables, test equipment and logistics materials along with torpedoes to the Navy Command.

AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo
AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo

It is estimated that Roketsan, which has carried out more than 60 firing tests with AKYA so far, has carried out the ‘Test Platform Detonation Test with War Torpedo’ as part of its acceptance activities. Roketsan will carry out the integration studies of AKYA with war management systems such as MUREN.

AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo

The AKYA Torpedo, developed by Roketsan within the scope of the project started in 2009, will be used by submarine platforms for the destruction of underwater or surface targets.

With the Roketsan’s AKYA Torpedo, a domestic alternative will emerge to the German DM2A4 and American Mk46 torpedoes, which are currently actively used by the Turkish Navy. It is aimed to eliminate the difficulties experienced in the supply of heavy class torpedoes from abroad with AKYA.

AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo
AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo

AKYA is a fully indigenous design, new generation Heavyweight Torpedo launched from submarines to engage submarines and surface targets of various types. AKYA is a high speed, long range, fully autonomous or fibre optic wire guided torpedo with active/passive sonar homing head,  In addition, AKYA employs wake homing guidance for surface targets.

Technical Specifications of AKYA

Range50+ kilometers
Speed45+ Knots
TargetsSubmarines, Surface Ships
GuidanceActive/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter

Countermeasure Capability and Wake Guidance

Guidance ModeSelf Guidance Onboard

Guidance via fibreoptic cable

FuzeDetonation by Proximity Sensor/ Impact
WarheadInsensitive Warhead with Underwater Shock Effect
Launch TypeSwim-out
Propulsion SystemBrushless DC Electrical Motor + Counter-rotating Propeller System
BatteryHigh Energy Chemical Battery

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