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Turkish turbojet engines on the way to Paris Air Show

KTJ-3200 and KTJ-1750 turbojet engines, designed and developed by Kale Arge are going to be showcased at Paris Air Show.

Kale Arge is going to participate in Paris Air Show, which will be held between 19-25 June 2023 as exhibitor. Paris Air Show is being deemed as the largest and most prestigious event in the domain of civilian and military aviation in the world. Kale Arge, having developed the first national turbojet engines of Turkey with its own indigenous capabilities, is planning to advertise them to its international business associates as well as potential clients during the exhibition.

According to official sources, Kale Arge is going to display KTJ-3200 and KTJ-1750 turbojet engines at its booth. KTJ-1750, having one of the smallest diameters as well as highest thrust in the class of light cruise missile engines, has been successfully tested on the ÇAKIR cruise missile in May 2023.

Within this scope, it is assumed that official delegations and representatives from various countries will show great interest in this indigenously developed turbojet engine during Paris Air Show.


On the other hand, a remarkable amount of KTJ-3200 turbojet engines which have been delivered to be used on SOM and ATMACA missiles, have been successfully delivered to clients in Turkey. It is expected that ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, being powered by KTJ-3200 will conquer the skies in the near future.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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