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Turkish Army Receives Pedestal Mounted Missile Launch Turret

Developed by Roketsan, YALMAN Turret enters the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced the development.

Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced that acceptance tests have been carried out successfully within the scope of YALMAN Turreted Pedestal Mounted CIRIT (KMC) Weapon System Project.

“Within the scope of the ‘Pedestal Mounted CIRIT Weapon System Project’, which was launched with the aim of providing additional capabilities to the anti-tank divisions and capable of firing UMTAS and CIRIT missiles, the targets determined in the inspection and acceptance firings carried out in Konya/Karapınar were hit successfully,” the Turkish MoD declared.

YALMAN Turret System

Roketsan had recently launched the Pedestal Mounted CIRIT (KMC) Vehicle, which was developed to be launched from land platforms by the CIRIT Laser Guided Missile System.

Roketsan developed the YALMAN Turret with the aim of launching UMTAS and L-UMTAS anti-tank missiles from the KMC vehicle. Although it is still referred to as KMC, in addition to the CIRIT Missile, the YALMAN Turret can also launch L-UMTAS and UMTAS missiles.

KMC equipped with YALMAN Turret can carry a maximum of 8 CIRIT Missiles or 4 L-UMTAS/UMTAS missiles. In the mixed configuration, KMC can operate with 4 CIRIT Missiles and 2 L-UMTAS/UMTAS Missiles loaded.

Roketsan's YALMAN Turret System
Roketsan’s YALMAN Turret System

Kaplan-10 platform developed by FNSS is preferred for the KMC vehicle with YALMAN Turret developed with national capabilities. However, the YALMAN Turret can be integrated into other platforms in the inventory of the Turkish Army Command if desired.

Thanks to its stabilized turret, the KMC Weapon System provides the user with the ability to shoot on the go at speeds of up to 40 kilometers, and offers the user high strike capability up to 8 kilometers in range.

This system can also carry out reconnaissance and surveillance activities up to a range of 20 kilometers with the high-tech electro-optical system it carries on it. Work is also underway on the KMC Weapon System for the Integration of 7.62 mm Machine Guns.

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SOURCE: TurkishDefenceNews.com, Roketsan

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