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The Third MILGEM Corvette of Pakistan has been sled

Within the scope of PN MILGEM Project which includes Turkey building 4 corvettes to be exported to Pakistan, the third corvette has been sled.

ASFAT Inc. made the following statement regarding the subject: “The biggest export project of single item conducted by our defence industry, under the main contractorship of ASFAT, the 2nd of the 4 MILGEM Corvettes’ ship spine sledding ceremony has been held in Karachi, Pakistan, despite the global pandemic. The Minister of National Defence Mr. Hulusi AKAR, Pakistan Minister of Defence Production Mr. Zubaida Jalal KHAN, Deputy Minister of National Defence Muhsin DERE, Pakistan Commander of Naval Forces Mr. Muhammad Amjad Khan NİAZİ, ASFAT General Manager Mr. Esad AKGÜN, Karachi Shipyard Commander Radm Mr. Ather SALEEM and many high-level guests attended the ceremony.”


Within the scope of the National Ship (MILGEM) Project, it was decided that MILGEM Corvettes produced by local hardworking engineers, and will successfully flap the Turkish flag on the world seas, will be exported to Pakistan following the agreement signed between Pakistan and Turkey om September 6, 2018. Accordingly, four MILGEM ADA Class Corvettes will be produced for the Pakistan Navy by ASFAT as the main contractor. The production of two were to be carried out at the Istanbul Shipyard Command, while the other two would be produced at the Karachi Shipyard of Pakistan.


Within the scope of the Pakistan Navy MILGEM Project, “The 1st Ship Spine Sledding Ceremony “was performed at the Istanbul Shipyard Command. The “Marine Sheet Cutting Ceremony” of the third ship to be produced within the scope of the program was held in Pakistan’s Karachi Shipyard on 9 June 2020.

Within the scope of the project, the first ship will be completed in the 54th month, the second ship in the 60th month, the third ship in the 66th month, and the last ship in the 72nd month. The first Corvette will be delivered in 2023 in Turkey, the last corvette will be delivered in 2025 in Karachi and thus enter the Pakistan Navy inventory.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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