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The number of tanks hit by the MAM-L exceeded 100

The number of main battle tanks hit by the Roketsan MAM-L ammunition used by ANKA and Bayraktar TB2 type Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) exceeded 100.

ANKA developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS Aerospace), and Bayraktar TB2 type of Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles developed by Baykar have been actively used in the battlefields of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Azerbaijan (Karabakh) for a long time. Achieving great success in synchronization with the Smart Micro Munition MAM-L developed by Roketsan, Turkish UAVs have destroyed many tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, air defense systems, artillery firing units, arsenal, logistics elements, and headquarters so far. 

According to the information obtained by a blogger named Oryx, the number of main battle tanks (MBT) destroyed in Syria, Libya, and Karabakh with Roketsan MAM-L ammunition exceeded 100. The 100th tank destroyed by the MAM-L was a T-72 belonging to the Armenian Army. More than 70 of the 100 tanks destroyed by MAM-L ammunition belonged to the Armenian Army.

Developed by Roketsan based on the Laser Guided Anti-Tank Missile (L-UMTAS), the MAM-L can be highly effective against armored targets since it is based on a pure anti-tank missile. Roketsan is working on the next version of the MAM-L, which has a maximum range of 14 kilometers.

MAM-L Technical Specifications

Diameter160 mm
Length1 m
Weight22 kg
Range8 km (14 km with Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System Option)
SeekerSemi-Active Laser Seeker
Warhead TypesTandem Effective Against Reactive Armor
High-Explosive Blast Fragmentation
PlatformsANKA, Bayraktar TB2, KARAYEL, AKSUNGUR

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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