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President Erdogan aims at the USA in his statement on S-400

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered the questions of press members after the Friday Prayer. President Erdogan made important statements about the S-400 tests conducted by Turkey.

Referring to the reaction Turkey received from the United States regarding the S-400 tests, President Erdogan said, “These tests are accurate, they have been done and are being done. America’s approach to this subject does not concern us. What are we supposed to do besides testing these kinds of possibilities we have? It is not like we are going to ask about this to America. Therefore, we are testing not only the S-400 but also many other light and medium weapons. Among them are many weapons that we bought from America. We are also testing them and we will continue to do the same from now on. By the way, of course, Greece also has S-300s. They even go as far as using them. Does America ask or say such a thing to them? No. In other words, the fact that we have a Russian weapon here bothers these gentlemen. We are determined, we will continue on our way, unbothered.”

Turkey’s S-400 Tests

A battery belonging to the S-400 Air DefenCe Missile System, which was supplied from the Russian Federation in line with the needs of the Turkish Air Force Command and has been delivered last year, was recently transferred to the Missile Test Center of the Ministry of National DefenCe in Sinop, due to the firing tests were to be carried out.

Subsequently, Turkey issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) regarding the shooting tests that would be executed in Sinop. The message warned the airmen for an altitude of 200.000 ft during the missile test to be carried out in Sinop which would be carried out on October 16-17th.
Turkish Air Forces, after testing the radars in the S-400 battery, launched its first test shot on Friday, October 16th.

Once the firing tests are carried out in Sinop, two S-400 batteries in the inventory of the first S-400 Fleet Command (ZAFER) within the Turkish Air Force Command will be ready for operational missions. While it is known that one of the two S-400 batteries will be deployed in Ankara, it remains unclear where the second S-400 battery will be deployed.

Greece preparing for S-300 test

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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