Turkish UAV AKSUNGUR Destroys Naval Vessel

Turkey tested its brand new AKSUNGUR MALE UCAV in the Mavi Vatan 2022 (Blue Homeland 2022) Naval Exercise with the domestically produced MAM-L guided munition on a surface target, a naval vessel.

AKSUNGUR UCAV belonging to the Turkish Naval Forces Command struck a vessel for the first time as part of the Blue Homeland 2022 Exercise with a MAM-L ammunition.

The long hoped firing test by AKSUNGUR UCAV was carried out within the scope of the Blue Homeland 2022 Exercise. It was the first time that a vessel was targeted with a warhead integrated to the MAM-L munition. The surface target vessel was successfully destroyed.

AKSUNGUR UCAV, which was recently put into use by the Turkish Navy, performed 28 hours of flight at 20,000ft with 12 MAM-L ammunition last year. With this test flight, AKSUNGUR filled all 6 stations and carried out a flight mission for more than a day with 12 MAM-Ls for the first time.

AKSUNGUR UCAV, which can fly for 28 hours with 12 MAM-L ammunition, will have a devastating effect especially for combat naval platforms that do not have air defense capability.

It is estimated that AKSUNGUR can also fly with 24 MAM-L ammunition, if desired, with the launching unit, which is under development.

AKSUNGUR, which can perform intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions in all weather conditions, day or night, with a high payload capacity of 750 kg, can stay in the air for 60 hours.

Technical Specifications of AKSUNGUR UAV

  • Wingspan: 24 meters
  • Horizontal length: 11.6 meters
  • Endurance: 50 hours
  • Payload: 750+ kg
  • Link range: 250+ km
  • Engine: 2×170 HP
  • Maximum altitude: 40,000 ft
  • Maximum take-off weight (MTOW): 3,300 kg
  • Engine type: PD-170 Twin Turbo Diesel
  • Offensive/Naval Patrol Mission: 12 hours at 25 kft with 750 kg External Payload

Weapon Options


  • 3 weapon stations with a capacity of 500 kg, 300 kg and 150 kg on each wing
  • TEBER-81 (Laser-guided Mk-81)
  • MAM-L
  • MAM-C
  • HGK-3
  • TEBER-82
  • KGK-82
  • Miniature Bomb

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SOURCE: TurkishDefenseNews.com

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