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Turkey Unveils Ambitious Objectives for Defence Industry in 2022

During his meeting with journalists on the last day of 2021, Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, President of the Presidency of Turkish Defense Industies (SSB), summarized the work in the field of defense industry in 2021 and the critical projects to be implemented in 2022.

Here’s the full list of Turkish defense industry’s goals in 2022:


  • The development and production of parts of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) will continue.
  • The first deliveries of domestically produced helicopter GOKBEY will be made to the Gendarmerie General Command.
  • The Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HURJET will roll-out from the hangar and ground tests will begin.
  • Basic Trainer HURKUS deliveries will be made.
  • Mini UAV-D systems and Mini UAV BOYGAs that drop ammunition will be put into use for the first time.
  • Bayraktar TB3 UAVs, which can land and take off on ships with short runways, will make its first flight.
  • Turkish Air Forces A400M fleet of 10 aircraft will be completed by the delivery of the last A400M aircraft.
  • Within the scope of Meltem-3 Project, the project will be completed with the delivery of 2 P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft.
  • Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft Project will be launched for the General Directorate of Security.
    • The KILICSAT Cube Satellite will be launched into space, which will provide the national and local production LNA module with history in space and obtain the location and route information of the ships.

Air Defense, Weapons, Missiles and Ammunition

• Within the scope of the Air – Air Missile (Göktuğ) Project, the first deliveries of BOZDOGAN (WVR) and GOKDOGAN beyond-visual-range missile (BVR) will be conducted.
• GOKDENIZ Close Air Defense System (CIWS) will be integrated into the ISTANBUL Frigate for the first time.
• First deliveries of SUNGUR Portable Air Defense Missiles will be made.
• ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile and KARAOK Missile will enter the inventory for the first time.
• First deliveries will be made in the Pedestal Mounted Javelin (KMC) Project.
• First deliveries of Stabilized Machine Gun Platforms for Gabya class frigates will be made.

Land Platforms

• First deliveries of PARS 6×6 Mine Protected Vehicles will be made.
• The first delivery of the Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle ZAHA will be made.
• The first Armored Combat Vehicle-ZMA, which is modernized and integrated with an unmanned gun turret, will be delivered.
• The fire control systems in M60T tanks will be renewed with the local and national Volkan-M system.
• Development and delivery of new unmanned land vehicles of various types and features in various classes.

Naval Platforms

• Contracts for the sixth, seventh and the eight ships for the MILGEM ADA Class ships will be signed
• The process for the construction of the prototype ship will begin within the scope of the Turkish Type Assault Boat Project (TTHB).
• Integration of Bayraktar TB3 UAVs to the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship ANADOLU will begin.
• The second submarine of the New Type Turkish Submarine Project will be docked.
• New unmanned sea vehicles projects will be started.

Electronic Systems

• KTJ3200 Turbojet Engine to be used in SOM and ATMACA missiles will be delivered.
• The Test Infrastructure, where the tests of turboshaft engines to be used in helicopters will be made, will be put into service.
• Development of Electronic Warfare Systems to be Used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-IHASOJ Project will be started.
• National Electronic Warfare Suite Development-FEWS Project will be started.
• First deliveries of Early Warning Radar System ERALP, Low Altitude Radar System ALP and Airport Traffic Radars will be made.
• MERT and MERTER Portable Electronic Attack Systems will be put into use for the first time.
• ASELFLIR-600 Project contract, which is the advanced version of CATS EO/IR systems used in UAVs, will be signed.

• The first X-Ray vehicle and container scanning system MILTAR (National Scanning System) will be installed at the facility of the Ministry of Commerce in Izmir Alsancak Port.
• The installation of the Gendarmerie Smart Control Point and the Gendarmerie Smart Patrol Application will begin.
• To the Land Forces Command; Nationally developed pilot night vision goggles will be delivered for the first time.
• Within the scope of the Aktif-HETS Project, the first delivery of the laser-based helicopter obstacle detection system capable of active scanning will be made.

R&D / Industrialization / Support Activities

• The AVCI-2 Helmet System, which includes a national display module, will be used in ATAK helicopters.
• YONCA Multi-Core Microprocessor Development R&D Project will be started.
• R&D Project for Quantum Radar Technologies will be started.
• More than 200 companies will be supported under the Industrial Competency Evaluation and Support Program (EYDEP).
• Turkish defence firms will attend to 8 international defense industry fairs.
• Support to our youth and new entrepreneurs will continue with TEKNOFEST, ROBOIK and Cyber ​​Security Competitions.

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SOURCE: TurkishDefenceNews, SSB

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