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Turkey Seeks Autonomy In Critical Subsystems for National Projects

TAAC Aviation Technologies (TAAC), which started operations in 2019 in partnership with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and Altinay Defense, continues to develop motion control systems, landing gear and test systems, in accordance with aviation standards, for Turkiye’s vital projects, such as National Combatant Aircraft (MMU/TF-X) and HURJET.

TAAC, which carries out R&D, design and production activities of critical subsystems for fixed and rotary wing aerial platforms, develops projects in the field of aviation technologies.

In this context, the company continues to develop the opening/closing mechanisms of the flight control system, landing gear and gun cover of the National Combat Aircraft that would be rolled out from the hangar in 2023. The company carries out its design and installation activities within the Turkish Aerospace Industries facilities.

Aiming to reduce foreign dependency in the field of aviation technologies in the national aviation ecosystem, TAAC contributes to localization and domestic substitution system studies for the independent aviation industry with its qualified engineer staff.

The company, which continues its projects for the domestic development of all motion control systems required by an aircraft, aims to accelerate its efforts to export these systems, which are critical for aviation, with the value it creates in the coming years.

Turkey Aims Full Independency In Critical Subsystems

“We continue to work on domestic and national technologies in the field of aviation. TAAC Aviation Technologies, our joint affiliate with Altınay Aviation, carries out important projects to bring the systems needed by the industry in critical areas to our country with national means,” Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said.

“These systems, which will also be placed on the National Combat Aircraft that will leave the hangar in 2023, will also contribute to the domestic, unique and independent aviation ecosystem of our country. I would like to thank our colleagues who contributed to these projects,” Kotil added.

Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil


“We have been working for many years in order to break the foreign dependency in the Defense and Aviation sector and to move our country forward by strengthening it in this field. With our subsidiary TAAC Aviation Technologies, which we established in partnership with TAI, we are taking these efforts even further with regard to critical aviation components. We will implement projects that have not been developed within the borders of Turkey until now for many of our domestic air platforms, especially the National Combat Aircraft, which is the survival project of our country.

I would like to thank all our friends who worked hard for the development and strengthening of our country,” Hakan Altınay, Chairman of ALTINAY Technology Group, concluded.

TAAC Aviation

TAAC Aviation Technologies (TAAC) was established in July 2019 for the domestic development of critical subsystems in the field of aviation with Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) and ALTINAY Defense Technologies Inc. For Turkey’s domestic aviation ecosystem, which is growing day by day, it follows a strategy that aims to reduce foreign dependency.

The National Combatant Aircraft (MMU/TF-X) Project

The National Combatant Aircraft (MMU) Project, launched to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, aims to produce modern aircraft designed with domestic capabilities and resources that can replace the F-16 aircraft in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force Command, which are intended to be phased out of the inventory starting in the 2030s.

It is aimed that the aircraft, which will be produced within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft Programme, will have technologies such as low visibility, internal weapon slots, high maneuverability, increased situational awareness, like other 5th generation aircraft in its class.

In this context, MMU is scheduled to be rolled out from the hangar in 2023. The aircraft then is planned to conduct its first flight in 2026 and will be included in the inventory as of 2030.

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SOURCE: TurkishDefenceNews.com, TUSAŞ, TAAC

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