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Turkey issued NOTAM for S-400 firing in Sinop

Turkey issued NOTAM for S-400 firing tests with Air Defence Missile System that will be conducted by the Turkish Air Forces.

The S-400 Air Defence Missile System, procured from the Russian Federation in line with the needs of the Turkish Air Forces Command, was delivered last year. The Turkish Air Forces recently transported one S-400 battery to the missile test center in Sinop for the firing tests that will be conducted.

Turkey issued notice to airmen (NOTAM) for firing tests that will be conducted in Sinop. The notice warned of an altitude of 200,000 ft for the missile test to be conducted near Sinop. It is estimated that the shooting tests will be held between 16-17 October 2020.

Turkey’s Supply of S-400

Turkey, signed an agreement worth of $ 2.5 billion with the Russian Federation in September 2017 in the scope of “urgent need”, regarding the supply of two fleets (4 batteries) S-400 Air Defence Missile System (ADMS). Within the scope of the agreement, the deliveries of the components including the first S-400 fleet worth 1.3 billion USD were delivered to the Turkish Air Forces as of July 2019.

There are two batteries in an S-400 fleet / system. So Turkey already has the ability to place S-400 HSFS on two different locations.

It is known that Turkey recieved various missiles for S-400, and that the longest range missile with a range of 400 kilometers is also included.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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