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Turkey Carries Out RamJet Missile Studies

GOKHAN RamJet Propulsion Air Missile is being developed by Turkey’s TUBITAK-SAGE. At the same time, the development of anti-ballistic missiles over the GOKHAN Missile is on the agenda.

 Gürcan Okumus, Director of TUBITAK-SAGE (Turkish Defense Industries Research and Development Institute) talked about the recent progress on GOKHAN Project. Okumus emphasized that the T0 phase for the GOKHAN Missile has begun and that it can be an effective missile against ballistic targets in the advanced stages.

“T0 has started in the GOKHAN project. GOKHAN will be a missile with a very advanced technology and work continues in this context. A RamJet propelled air-to-air missile project that can be used on both F-16 and National Combat Aircraft platforms.

I can say that when the GOKHAN Project is completed, it will be a missile beyond its counterparts.

I can’t go into too much detail, but in the first place, integration will be available in F-16s at an early stage and when the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) is ready, GOKHAN will be its sharp sword.”

GOKTUG Air-to-Air Missile Family
GOKTUG Air-to-Air Missile Family

“Prior to its MMU integration, we have included in our plans to launch a version of the GOKHAN missile, with its high maneuverability and speed, that could be a part of Turkey’s layered air defense system. The GOKHAN missile system, which has the potential to be a unique air defense system missile, is also a land-launched version, especially since it will be a missile that has capabilities that can be effective against ballistic targets.”

“In the RAMJET project, we will reveal the first working engine this year and will have taken the technological readiness level up. We are at an earlier stage at ScramJet and we have a project running at the conceptual level. This process is supported by doctoral studies,” Okumus said.

“Our High Speed ​​Wind Tunnel investment continues. Our wind tunnel will be trisonic. We will be able to perform tests at subsonic, supersonic and transonic speeds. Currently, we call it “TUBITAK-SAGE Trisonic Tunnel (TSTT). Our goal is to start blowing the first tests in 2023 and to start operating as an official and commercial test in 2024.”

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SOURCE. TurkishDefenseNews

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