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Selcuk Bayraktar Challenges General Atomics with Bayraktar TB3

Selcuk Bayraktar, Bayraktar TB2 UAV’s inventor, met with students at Istanbul Technical University, challenged General Atomics’ MQ-9B STOL UAV with Baykar’s Bayraktar TB3 UAV.

Emphasizing that contracts have been signed with more than 20 countries for the export of Baykar-manufactured unmanned platforms, Bayraktar announced that these unmanned platforms are actively used in 13 of them.

In addition, Bayraktar stated that more than 95% of Baykar’s revenues currently come from exports, adding that Bayraktar TB2 is the most exported UAV in the world, and has the highest price/performance level.

During his presentation, Bayraktar touched upon the newly developed Bayraktar TB3, which is planned to be the world’s first UAV capable of landing/taking off from short-runway sea platforms.

“Yesterday, an American company published that ‘we will be the first to build for ships with short runways,’ but let’s see who will do it first,” Bayraktar said.

The MQ-9B STOL UAV, developed by the US General Atomics company, was introduced to the public for the first time recently.

In its introduction to the MQ-9B, the company said, “The MQ-9B will be the first unmanned aerial system in its class that enables take-off and landing on large-deck amphibious ships and unlocks unlimited potential at sea.”

Bayraktar TB3 UAV

Baykar Bayraktar TB3 was developed for the TCG ANADOLU Amphibious Assault Ship, which is planned to be made available to the Turkish Navy starting this year.

Bayraktar TB3 developed over Bayraktar TB2, has foldable wings, SATCOM payload, take-off weight of 1.450 kilograms, 24-hour flight time, 6 weapon stations and the ability to operate at high altitudes.

Bayraktar TB3 UAV
Bayraktar TB3 UAV

TCG ANADOLU will be able to operate with 50 to 110 Bayraktar TB3s depending on the configuration.

Basic Flight Performance Criteria

  • 14 Meter Wingspan
  • 8.35 Meter Length
  • 2.6 Meter Height
  • 1.450 Kilograms Takeoff Weight
  • 125 knots-160 knots TAS Cruising Speed ​​– Maximum Speed
  • 280 Kilograms Payload Capacity
  • 24+ Hours Airtime

Advanced Features

  • Take-off and Landing Capability from Short-Runway Aircraft Carriers
  • Line of Sight and Line of Sight Communication
  • Automatic Landing and Takeoff

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SOURCE: TurkishDefenseNews

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