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MRTP 16 Fast Intervention Craft

The MRTP 16 Fast Intervention Craft developed by Yonca Onuk JV is currently actively used by Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Malaysia.

Multi Role Tactical Platform (MRTP) is a concept aiming to develop and demonstrate employing advanced composite technologies will provide. MRTP series bots have set many speed records thanks to their superior technology. For example; the MRTP 16 craft, recently reached speeds of 76.4 knots. The developer company continues to work for a speed of 77 knots.

Thanks to its structure the MRTP 16, which has a very low radar and acoustic signature, is equipped with a 12.7 millimeter STAMP Stabilized Weapon Platform with ASELSAN production. As of January 2019, 56 MRTP 16s had been produced.

MRTP 16 Technical Specifications

Beam Max:4,19m
Draught:1,30m (Still)
Max Speed:65+ knots (Fully Loaded)
Main Propulsion System:Diesels, 2 x 800 kW – 2 x 1450 kW
Range:300+ Nautical Miles
Weapon:ASELSAN 12.7mm STAMP
Full Capacity:2800 liters
Bot Crew:5
Mission Crew:6

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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