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First prototype of ZMA-15 modernization program has been displayed

Within the scope of the ZMA-15 Modernization Project initiated by the Defence Industry Presidency (SSB), a prototype vehicle modernized by ASELSAN and FNSS companies has emerged.

In the statement made by, T.C. Presidency Defence Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR regarding the subject, he stated the following: “Within the scope of our Armored Combat Vehicle Modernization (ACV/ZMA) Project which we started for the Land Forces Command, the modernization of the first prototype ZMA vehicle was completed with an intensive design and integration work in cooperation with Aselsan-FNSS. By the end of this project, 133 ZMA vehicles will be equipped with local and original solutions, modern weapon systems and high-tech mission equipment, their survivability will be significantly increased and their economic life will be extended,”

ZMA-15 Modernization Project

Regarding the ZMA-15 Modernization Program, a contract was signed between ASELSAN and the Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) on 31.12.2019 with a total value of TL 900,000,000.

Following this agreement, within the scope of the “ZMA Platform Modernization Subcontracting Agreement” signed between FNSS and ASELSAN on December 31, 2019, besides all the modernization and improvement activities for the ZMA platforms, prototype production, qualification activities, mass production with the integration of all mission equipment including the turret and logistical support activities for the platform will be carried out by FNSS.

Within the scope of the project; 25mm NEFER Weapon System, Laser Warning System, Close Range Surveillance System, Driver’s Vision System, Direction Finding and Navigation System will be provided by ASELSAN as the Main Contractor. According to the contract, deliveries will be made between 2021-2023.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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