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MİLGEM I Class Frigate

The National Ship (MİLGEM) Project progresses in 3 phases. The first phase of the project, which was recently completed, includes the production of four ADA Class Corvettes, the second phase four Class I Frigates, and the third phase 7 TF-2000 Air Defense Destroyers.

I Class Frigates has all sensors and weapons regarding mainly AAW and all principle warfare. It has the configuration in order to conduct detection, determination of position, classification, identification, destruction of the target and NGFS. I Class Frigates can conduct the operation of surveillance and maritime patrolling, inspection and surveillance of EEZ besides preventing potential threat.

Currently, the construction activities of TCG Istanbul (F-515), the first ship of the Class I Frigate Project, are continuing. The first ship is planned to be delivered to the Turkish Navy in 2023.

The I Class Frigate Project is being carried out by STM.


  • High Maneuvering Capability
  • Reliability and Stability
  • High resistance and sensors against fire and damage
  • The configuration of sensors and weapons regarding mainly AAW and all principle warfare
  • Shock absorbing and reducing application against vibration and damage and also armored protection
  • Stealth design and low RCS
  • Reduction of underwater ambient noise and degaussing system for reducing the magnetic trace of the ship against threat of submarine
  • Philosophy of back up

STM I Class Frigate

Sensors and Weapons

  • 3D Search Radar
  • E/O Sensors
  • F/C Radars
  • Illuminating Radar
  • Navigation and LPI Radar
  • Electronic Warfare Suit
  • ESM
  • ECM
  • Decoy System
  • Laser Warning System
  • Infrared Search and Tracking System
  • Hull Mounted Sonar
  • Torpedo Counter Measures
  • Torpedo Launchers
  • National SSM System
  • Vertical Launching System (VLS)
  • 2 x 25 mm Stabilized Gun (STOP)
  • Close in Weapon System (CIWS)
  • 76mm Main Gun

STM I Class Frigate (2)


Length Overall: 113.2 meters
Length Waterline: 105.2 meters
Beam Max: 14.4 meters
Draught: 4.05 meters
Displacement: 3000 tons
Maximum Speed: 29+ knots
Cruise Speed: 14 knots
Endurance: 5700 Nm at 14 knots
Main Propulsion: CODAG
2x shafts and CPP propellers
Power Generation: 4 x diesel generator

Helicopter Platform & Hangar

Capacity to carry 2 x S70 Seahawk helicopters
(One in the hangar and one on the platform)

Ship’s Boats

2 x RHIB


Comfortable Accommodation for 123 crew

Growth Capabilities

Custom Sensors & Weapons
Higher Accommodation

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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