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Domestic Laser Weapon for Turkish Warships

Turkish warships are planned to be equipped indigenously developed laser weapon systems. According to the latest information, companies of Turkish defence industry have taken action for a domestic laser weapon that will be used on naval platforms.

As Electromagnetic Railgun and Laser Weapon System Technology develop an increasing also arises in the variety of weapon system which is sea platforms-oriented. Currently, electromagnetic railgun and laser weapon systems are gotten into use by developed countries’ navies such as the United States and the China. In this field, amazing news has come from Turkey as well.

According to the information obtained from a presentation that has been presented by the Department of Naval Platforms -the Presidency of Defence Industries: companies of the Turkish defence industry are developing laser weapon systems under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB). It is estimated that laser weapon systems are developed by prime contractor Meteksan Savunma and subcontractors ASELSAN and TUBITAK according to the sorting in the presentation for the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.


It is expected that the weapon system will be used on TF-2000 Anti-Air Warfare Destroyers (HSHM). Building activities of HSHM are still being planned.

In the field of laser technologies, several solutions of Meteksan Savunma and TUBITAK-BILGEM were shared with the public before. TUBITAK-BILGEM has laser weapon system solutions for both on vehicle and platforms. On the other hand, Meteksan Savunma is carrying out projects that have the feature of being the first in Turkey in this field.

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Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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