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ASELSAN CATS FLIR statement from Selçuk Bayraktar

Baykar Defence Chief Technology Officer Selçuk Bayraktar commented about CATS Electro-Optic Electro-Optical Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting System, developed by ASELSAN

“The camera was made by ASELSAN years ago. It sees it as very successful, marks it, its has been exported domestically or even abroad. I’m saying these to the ones who are happy like the embargo is just recent; you can still be crazily entertained like the satan.” said Selçuk Bayraktar about this topic.

In the past hours, Canada had cancelled all of the military export permissions to Turkey. Foreign Ministry of Canada made an explanation saying that all of the military exporting permits for Turkey, which were suspended last fall, have been definitely cancelled starting 12/04/2021.

Due to the usage and role of the AUAVs-that are made and developed in Turkey- by Azerbaijan Armed Forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Canadian government laid an embargo on Turkey. Developed by Canadian company L3Harris WESCAM, the MX-15 FLIR is an important component of Turkish AUAVs.

Bayraktar TB2

According to the decision made on laying an embargo on Turkey by Canada in the past months, Baykar Defence and ASELSAN integrated the CATS system to Bayraktar TB2 AUAVs. The CATS integrated Bayraktar TB2 AUAV had a succesful Roketsan MAM-L ammunition shooting. ASELSAN is continuing to develop a more sophisticated version of the CATS system, the ASELFLIR-F500C.

Bayraktar TB2, CATS and MAM-L

In November 2020, Turkey’s national AUAV Bayraktar TB2 performed an important test with ASELSAN CATS FLIR systems which’s integrational proceedings have been continuing. Taking-off from Baykar Flight and Education Centre with Roketsan-made MAM-L(Mini Smart Ammunition) on its wings, Bayraktar TB2, completed a succesful laser targeting mission with the domestic-made camera system CATS.

CATS (2)

Shot from long distance via laser targeting

Launched from Bayraktar TB2, MAM-L, shot the target with full success at high altitude from long distance. The target was marked by CATS. Within the test flights, CATS’ capability in following high speed targets and its ability to ‘lock’ on targets were tried out. The national camera system passed all tests succesfully.

Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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