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Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle move from HAVELSAN

HAVELSAN, one of the leading defence industry companies in the world, successfully completed the development activities of the Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).

HAVELSAN, which is currently among the top 100 defence industry companies in the world, has been working on Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles since 2018. The first Unmanned Ground Vehicle developed in this context and equipped with the payload of the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Threat Detection System was exhibited during the 14th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF’19).

During the “New Logo Launch” held on 08.12.2020, HAVELSAN, which has continued its R&D works on UGV, exhibited the UGV that was equipped with the payload of the SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) and exhibited the unmanned vehicle that was made autonomous for the first time. In addition, HAVELSAN explained that the Autonomous UGV, which was exhibited for the first time, also has the capability of joint operations with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

In addition to UGV, HAVELSAN also works on unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned sea vehicles, and unmanned submarines. HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif NACAR, who made a statement to AA on the subject recently, stated that they have been conducting R&D works with their own resources for autonomous systems and that they aim to improve autonomous vehicles in 4 different categories, including unmanned ground and air vehicles and surface and underwater vehicles.

In his last statement on 23 August 2020, Nacar said, “I hope we will have this ready as soon as possible at the end of this year. By supporting this with various projects, we are at a point to offer it to the service of relevant units and institutions, and the project continues successfully.”

HAVELSAN started its autonomous system adventure with the autopilot approach it used in the simulator systems and proceeds in parallel with the road map it has created. The company aims to provide herd capability to the autonomous systems it has developed. Turkey is set to become one of the leading countries in the area with HAVELSAN’s ongoing projects that focus on ‘autonomous systems’ and ‘joint war’, which are two significant elements of the modern battlefield.

In addition, HAVELSAN, which has come to the fore with more system integrators and software so far, assumes the identity of a “platform manufacturer” with these works in the field of autonomous systems.

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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