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TF-2000 Air Defence Warfare (ADW) Destroyer

It is known that 15 ships of three types will be built within the scope of the National Ship (MILGEM) project, which aims to meet the warship needs of the Turkish Navy through national means: Corvette (ADA Class), Frigate (I Class) and Destroyer (TF-2000 Class). First four ships to be built within this scope, TCG HEYBELİADA (F-511), TCG BÜYÜKADA (F-512), TCG BURGAZADA (F-513) and TCG KINALIADA (F-514) Corvettes, were delivered to the Naval Forces Command.

TCG ISTANBUL (F-515), the first ship of the I Class Frigate Project, whose design activities were initiated by the Design Project Office (DPO) in February 2014 with the directive of the Naval Forces Command, was started to be built in 2017 at the Istanbul Shipyard Command, and detailed design continues. The first ship is planned to be delivered in 2023. A total of 4 I Class Frigates will be produced.

With the MİLGEM project launched under the leadership of the Naval Forces, the goal of our country’s first national combat ship has been achieved. The design activities of the TF-2000 Air Defence Warfare (ADW) Destroyer Project, the last phase of the MILGEM Project, started by the Design Project Office (DPO) in 2017. It was decided to produce 7 of the TF-2000 Destroyers, which were planned to be produced 4 in the beginning, considering the increasing threats in the region and the date when the ships will enter the inventory. The first ship is planned to be delivered to navy in 2027.

TF-2000 Destroyer

Great effort was put for indigenous production of the most important sensor, the Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar (ÇAFRAD) (X Band), for air defence warfare.  As a result of this effort the contract was signed between Presidency Of Defence Industries (SSB) and ASELSAN in September 2013. The ÇAFRAD will have the capability to detect the surface and air tracks from a long distance and provide data to engage if required within the longest possible range of weapons which will create a layered air defense. Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar (ÇAFRAD) (X Band)  for air defense warfare will be the most important sensor of TF-2000 ADW Destroyer.

In 2019, a number of tests were carried out with the ÇAFRAD Test Group. The ÇAFRAD Test Group, integrated into the TCG GÖKSU Frigate, provided data and provided the ESSM Missile to shoot down the target aircraft.

General Characteristics

Length:166 meters
Width:21.5 meters
Draft:4.96 meters
Displacement:7000 tons
Max. Speed:28+ knots
Main Propulsion System:CODOG
Cruising Speed:18 knots
Range:5000 nm (18 knots)
Length of Stay at Sea:45-180 Days
Crew:130-150 Person

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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