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MAM-L Smart Micro Munition

Smart Micro Munition MAM-L has been developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), light attack aircrafts and air-ground missions for low payload capacity air platforms. MAM-L can engage both stationary and moving targets with high precision.

Actively used by ANKA, Bayraktar TB2 and Karayel-type Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, MAM-L has destroyed numerous targets so far. Developed from the experience of the L-UMTAS Anti-Tank Guided Missile System, the MAM-L is also capable of penetrating armored targets to a high degree. Many main battle tanks (MBT) and armored vehicles destroyed in the regions of Syria, Libya and Armenia confirm this ability.

Technical Specifications

Diameter160 mm
Length1 m
Weight22 kg
Range8 km (14 km with Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System Option)
SeekerSemi-Active Laser Seeker
Warhead TypesTandem Effective Against Reactive Armor
High-Explosive Blast Fragmentation
PlatformsANKA, Bayraktar TB2, KARAYEL, AKSUNGUR

Source: TurkishDefenceNews.com

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