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The First ‘Istanbul-Class Frigate’ has been launched

TCG ISTANBUL (F-515) Frigate, the first Istanbul-Class Frigate produced in the scope of National Ship Program (MILGEM) has been launched on 23.01.2021 with a ceremony.

The ‘ADA Class Corvette’ project, which constitutes the first phase of the MILGEM program and covers the production of four corvettes for the Turkish Navy, was completed with the delivery of the fourth Corvette, TCG KINALIADA (F-514), in 2019.

Significant progress has been achieved on 23.01.2021 within the scope of the ‘Istanbul Class Frigate’ Project, which is the second phase of the MILGEM program and will produce four frigates for the Turkish Navy. The first Istanbul Class Frigate built

by Istanbul Shipyard Command under the main contractor STM was launched with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The TCG ISTANBUL Frigate is aimed to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command in 2023.

Delivering a speech during the ceremony, President of Defence Industries​ Prof.  Dr. İsmail DEMİR said, “We signed the MİLGEM Fifth Ship Supply Agreement between our Presidency and STM in April 2019. Under the main contractor of STM, most of the suppliers in the project, which is under construction at the Istanbul Shipyard Command and in which ASELSAN and HAVELSAN are the main business partners, consist of local companies.”

Istanbul Class Frigates, which will be equipped with advanced sensor and weapon systems, will perform surface warfare, air defense warfare, submarine defense warfare, electronic warfare, and patrol activities. Istanbul Class Frigates, whose main characteristics are similar to the ADA Class Corvette but with a much superior air defense warfare capability; will be equipped with Turkish Defense Industry products such as ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, National Launching System, GÖKDENİZ CIWS, Infrared Search and Tracking System (IRST), 3D Air Search Radar, Hull Mounted Sonar and ED System.

Istanbul-Class Frigate Technical Specifications

Length Overall113.2 meters
Length At Waterline:105.2 meters
Beam Max14.40 meters
Draught:4.05 meters
Displacement:3000 tons
Maximum Speed:29+ knots
Cruising Speed:14 knots
Endurance:5700 nm (14 knots)
Main Propulsion:CODAG
Power Generation:4x Diesel Generator
Helipad:2x S-70 SeaHawk (One in the hangar)
Ship Vehicles:2x RHIB
Personnel:123 Person

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